I am not convinced.
I am under attack.
There are absolute judgements.
The data is irrefutable.

What arguments are there?
Why do you believe it to be true?
Who has posited this theory?
Where does the fault lie?

The stars shine brightest on a cold winter night.
The moon pulls at my blood just like the tides.
The sun is killing me with its life-giving light.
The Earth spins its way, dancing through space.

The absolute judgement leads to a convincing attack.
Who can refute the arguments we believed to be true?
What fault in a theory built on a cold winter night,
As we dance with the tides into life giving light?

Pull at my arguments,
Spin me along,
Dance with my spirit,
Sing me a song.

I’ll believe what you tell me,
This brush with the truth,
With theory en-spell me,
As we lie on the roof.

-Kenneth Baker

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